Lilith Performance Studio presents a monumental performance by
Myriam Laplante (CA)
The Night Watch
21-23 March, 2013

"The cat is dead and alive- at the same time".

A performance-installation by Myriam Laplante about perception, doubt and rabbit holes, in collaboration with and produced by Lilith Performance Studio.

From a timeless office, a security guard is controlling a parallel operation on a surveillance monitor. Six cameras record the course of events from an unidentified site. What is he protecting? What are the cameras observing? Does the operation exist without the watch guard?
Using a playful and absurd process she explores the precariousness of our perception, inspired by the illustration of quantum mechanics through the paradox of Schrödinger's cat.

The performance The Night Watch combines synchronous perception with uncanny staged events. The viewer is free to go straight through the rabbit hole into the experiment, and become a part of the simultaneous reality.

A night watch leads the public in small groups into his office and locks the door behind them. From beyond the room, a beating heart, strange percussions and squeaky sounds can be heard creating a strange melodic rhythm that rises in a crescendo.
Suddenly the sounds stop and something happens on the monitor. A changing coloured light floats around in the top part of the surveillance screen, then people at the bottom of the screen appear, seemingly trying to reach the light. After a while they disappear and the guard goes to the bookcase, puts his finger in the bust's eye and the cabinet slides to the side, revealing a hidden passage. The public is invited to enter a white corridor with mint scented smoke, a blinking red light and a sign: “Caution: you are about to enter the experimental area”. A white curtain slides open by a man in a white suit and a bubble helmet. The public now enters a totally different universe.
Dimly lit white rooms are divided by white drapes which are constantly shifted by people in bubble helmets opening and closing the curtains and lighting objects to the sound of the heartbeat, as if part of a strange organism.
The various rooms host different elements. The public roams through the shifting rooms, sometimes being closed in alone in a space with a hula dancer in bubble helmet, or in front of a window with swift flashing stars, rooms opening and closing in an uncanny disorienting way. Myriam Laplante, wearing glasses with holographic “love” on the lenses wanders through the space whispering paradoxes, absurd jokes and strange thoughts about perception to the public.

Slowly the clicking sound intensifies and the squeaks begin to create an intense eerie melody. Then all goes silent. The space is now open and more curtains are shifted to reveal 3 black rooms yet unseen. In one room, Laplante dressed in black holds a changing colour light sphere against the black backdrop, moving from left to right. In other 2 spaces, people jump, reaching for nothing. The image is now seen simultaneously by 2 groups of viewers: a new group in the guard's office sees the whole image on the monitor and the group that has come down the rabbit hole sees it live but fragmented.

Participants: Myriam Laplante, Pether Lindgren, Lo Pettersson - Lundgren, Joar Dahlskog, Nora Hadaf, Emily Johansson, Filip Jönsson, Josefin Snygg, Linda Granath, Ellen Malmberg, Selma Kjellson, Marcus Karlsson, Anders E Larsson, Hanna Nygren, Helena Olsson, Tomas Gilljam, Ingrid Allering

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