The Borderlands is a short documentary about a team of college students and professors' journey to the U.S.-Mexico border. The film captures the stories of people directly impacted by the border wall. Uncovering the way our communities are built around lines of inclusion and exclusion, this documentary shows that border issues register in places far from the geographic border.

This documentary was created in hopes of brainstorming positive and useful ways of using visual media to facilitate dialogue in the community.

Camera by Sewon Chung and Katherine Schaller

Music by Emancipator (

**News sound clips from CNN and Fox News

Special Thanks:

Borderlinks and all the interviewees for your participation. My project partner Katherine Schaller and the 2009 border research team (Koji Ukai, Isabelle Cohen, Amanda Potter, Noelle Francois, Chris Hansen, and Katherine Aument) for your friendship and support. My mentor and advisor Professor Jennifer Bickham Mendez for your constant encouragement. Professor Silvia Tandeciarz and Professor Ann Marie Stock for your guidance. And thanks to David Williard, Troy Davis, and everyone at the Swem Media Center for helping with the production.

Many thanks to the Reves Center, Charles Center, and Women Studies Department for funding the trip. And thank you NFLP, RWALP, Sharpe Program, and Latin American Studies for organizing my screenings.

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