The College of Architecture at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln offers students an annual opportunity for an immersive educational experience in London England each Spring semester. The longevity of the London Studio speaks to the instrumental role that travel plays in our respective development as Designers: It remains the single most effective learning tool in one’s Design education.

As the largest metropolitan city in Europe, London is an optimum metropolitan urban condition from which to be provoked in a positive way and make original observations regarding the disciplines of Architecture, Industrial Design, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture. Across the (16) weeks of the SPR 2013 semester, our Studio embedded itself in London for the first eight weeks while then completing the semester at the UNL College of Architecture.

As we moved closer towards personally familiarizing ourselves with both the physical and non-physical aspects of London, it was important to first expand our “conceptual framework we bring to the looking” (Salas & Roth, 2001). To this end, students generated both an Eidetic Image and a Short Film as vehicles for engaging the physical and non-physical aspects of London as a specific Place.

While London is comprised of many different identifiable aspects, students were to select a single essence for further investigation and closer examination. Short films were to be without narration, set to a lyric-less song for structural purposes, and were not to exceed six minutes in length.

Special thanks to all "London | 2013" participants for deeply investing themselves into the identification and re-presentation of a particular Essence of London.

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