the woman on the bicycle

fighting with her breasts; the woman on the bicycle.
she came from the east;
like the light on the stone,
the flower to be bloomed,
the bird out of the nest,
the new human to be born.
pointed breasts touching the rising wind.
and, when the rain came,
there she stopped; under the olive tree.
fruit flying out of her basket,
jumping on the street,
for the fruit, giving is its need. as for the root; taking.
she unveiled herself to her moon; ancestors.
and, naked, she screamed,
"breasts are not to be hung on trees.
they are to be used, for the heart to rest".

Film by Glendalina Ziemba. Written by Tony Mallous. Music by Tim Kahn, courtesy of Narration by Glendalina Ziemba.


Technical: Filmed with LG Motion 4G smartphone. Editing performed using Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5.

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