WETLANDS is an evening-length intimate dance theater experience, where the wildness and dense biodiversity within swamps and other wetlands becomes a starting point for a real life journey. Featuring a fluid, seamless stream of lush movement, a cappella vocals, stories, live music sound-scapes, and videos by an international group of dance artists.

World premier of WETLANDS, February 22 & 23, 2013
At Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY
Directed & Choreographed by: Karen Harvey
In collaboration with performers: Andrew Broaddus, Benjamin Garner (sound), René Kladzyk (vocals), Thea Little, Katariina Tuomiluoma, Elisa Vazquez and Rachel Watson.
Short films by: Karen Harvey (NY), Elisa Vazquez (Germany), Silvia Balvin (Spain), Anna Asplind (Sweden), Carolina Tabares Mendoza (Mexico), Emily Athena Abrahams (Oregon), Lina Puodziukaite (Lithuania), Jin Ju Song-Begin (Korea) and Miguel Angel Guzman (Scotland).
Video courtesy of Center for Performance Research.

Wetlands is born out of the question – why do we sometimes forget the essential dependence that we have on nature in order to live? This piece is a research project for asking ourselves; what is it that we really need out of life, what is essential, what have we forgotten along our path, and how can we rethink ourselves within our environment?

Approaching “thirst” as a common paradigm of our lives, Wetlands takes a personal and audience inclusive journey through the process of quenching that thirst. A new paradigm is gradually unveiled as our dances (like the Wetland ecosystems) become based in personal freedom and global inter-connection.

Wetlands was supported by residencies at Mount Tremper Arts and the Alphabet City Sanctuary. As well as generous support by: Robin & Dara Miles, Helen & Will Little, Michael Lin, Sue Harvey, Barbara Grodd, Rodrigo Solar, Miki Duisterhof and many other friends.

Video by: Gabriel Sweet

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