A weather forecast that put the breeze at around 20kmh this morning, turned into 30kmh peaking at 38kmh. So, the Gentle Lady stayed in the car. I tested the air with the Windrider Scout Bee and then took the Easystar II for a flight.

Conditions seemed pretty good and so I loaded up the FPV gear and off we went. I have to say that board camera is like having an airbrake on board, we were not going to get any prolonged glides this morning. May need to look at that down the track, Fatshark CMOS camera perhaps.

Still it was a good session and I am pleased with the changes made to the ES ii setup.

I'm glad I left the Buffalo behind too, I would hate to have caused it damage when landing as there was a fair bit of turbulence near the ground behind me.

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