December, 2013

I am personally investigating the surface of the material that functions as a screen on which social, cultural or commercial values are projected, and what would happen when you have direct contact with such surfaces, for instance in naive, clumsy or violent ways.

For this workshop with the exhibition Atelier à Habiter, I made a movie, "Explorer", after having visited the caves in Maastricht where are isolated form the city life and the original context from a few hundred years ago. The caves have overly complex structures with thousands of branches and corners, and there is neither any lights nor reliable sources which lead you to certain direction. In such a situation what you can do is only inspecting the spot lit up by a small flash held on your hand. The more you try to light the space up, the more you get the space. This is the pleasure of exploring in the darkness.

This experience in the caves can be turned into the model of how you can activate the space where you inhabit. To inhabit is to be accustomed to the place and to have understood everything there. The space is, however, never the same of course. It's always changing in terms of time. In this sense, living condition is also the labyrinth with darkness like the cave. Then the question is; what if you inhabit with a small flash on your hand at any time?

・Workshop within the context of Atelier à Habiter at Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium

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