Around the Block tells the story of a social awkward guy who falls in love with the woman who brings by the mail.
He tries to win her heart by trying different methods which, unfortunately, don't always work out as he hoped!

The short movie "Blokje Om" finally translated to English.
This movie was made during the 48 hour film project 2013 in Utrecht (the Netherlands)

Prizes won at the 48 hour film project Utrecht:
Best Actor
Best movie by Audience
Best movie by Jury
Nominated Best script
Nominated Best best poster
Nominated Best Use of Prop
Nominated Best Use of Character

Prizes won at the 48 hour film project Filmapalooza (New Orleans)
- Best Sound Design
- Best use of Line
- Best Music
- Nominated best Actor

For the 48 hour film project we had to use some pre given elements in our movie and create/film/edit the whole thing within 48 hours.
Character name: Johanna Achterdijk
Character profession: Mail man/woman
Prop: Cheese
Sentence: Eentje voor nu en eentje voor onderweg (one for now and one for on the road)
Genre: Comedy

The movie was shot with the canon 5D mark III running the Magic Lantern RAW hack on 1920x818 pixels.
We used a zeiss ZE lens kit and were very pleased by it!
Edited in Final cut pro 7, roundtrip to Davinci Resolve 9 where we used the Vision Color OSIRIS LUT pack for color grading.

Fred van Weelson: Sytse Faber
Johanna Achterdijk: Marloes Geers
Extra: Rens Couweleers

Director: Ad van Diem
Producer: Luuk de Kok
Executive Producer: Charly Horst
Creative producer: Irene van der Vies
Scenario: Jesse Dijksman
Floor Manager: Jennifer Bootsma
Cinematography: Luuk de Kok
Camera operator: Bas Baakman
Sound: Johannes van Beeck
Lighting: Rens Couweleers & Massimo America
Runners: Nick Vissers & Leo Buntjer
Make-up Angelique Grift
Dramaturgy: Jesse Dijksman
Editors: Charly Horst & Bas Baakman
Music: Vincent Twigt
Poster & Title Design: William de Vries
Data Management: Hidde van der Meulen
3D Artist: Rob Westra
Colorist: Luuk de Kok
Catering: Mark van der Pol, Violet Werner & Jesse Dijksman

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