This test is far from scientific. I did this when I had spare
time on set and I quickly pulled out a digital camera to put
beside my film camera. Even doing quick tests you can see
a huge difference in the resolving power of film, the extended
highlight detail, and the texture of the image.

Digital shots were graded using FILMCONVERT and the
matching filmstock. If I shot 5213 for my film camera I used
the 5213 setting with FILMCONVERT. I left the grain alone
on the film but added it to match with the digital.

AGAIN, this test was NOT done in a very controlled way, it
was done for fun because I like to show people the power of
35mm film. Some of these shots were done at slightly different times
of day (example: the hotel sign shot). I tried to get them as close
as I could but the main goal was to shoot the film I was working on
and not to do a test.

Still it was fun to sneak a shot here and there.


PS If you want to see more 35mm you can check out my demo reel. It is mostly film:

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