Dana Fuchs “Golden Eyes” directed by Doug Trumbull and Mark Anton Read.

Dana Fuchs is a powerhouse of a performer who completely fills the room with energy, starring in this short film alongside classic Vaudevillian, Keith "Bindlestiff" Nelson.

Golden Eyes Featurette & Behind the scenes premiered at NAB 2011, with the full length debut being in HFR-120fps-3D, this VIMEO version is full-length monocular 2048x1080@60FPS, with 30fps HD & SD

In the evolution of Trumbull's original High Frame Rate Showscan process, this short film is an example of the power of HFR 3D in digital cinema. The Phantom 65-Z3D (MKBK - Dedo Weigert Film - Vision Research - AbelCine) is a single camera 3D production system that uses Zepar twin lenses inside a single housing to capture stereo images on a single 65mm sensor. Each of the two images is equivalent in size to a Super-35mm film frame, with associated characteristics like depth of field and field of view. The Phantom 65 is capable of high frame-rate recording. Golden Eyes is shot at a nominal 120fps, up to 360fps and mastered at 120fps HFR Stereoscopic 3D and sub-mastered to 60, 48, 30 & 24 stereo and mono versions

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