Project "3" for MAD 184 - Video Explorations (Cypress College) 12-4-13
HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED & turn your VOLUME UP: Because of the low dB (decibels) used in some of the scenes in the video “LARUTANREPUS” to produce the dramatic effects (especially the “roars” and “growls”) they were produced in the low dB range where Cell Phone, Laptop, and PC Computer speakers do not reproduce DEEP BASE SOUNDS well. Built-in cell phone, laptop, and personal computer speakers are designed to reproduce Speaking Voice well and will drop low decibel (dB) tones.

For the best viewing quality of LARUTANREPUS and in order to hear the full range of sound(s) used in this video you will need to use Earphones, Ear-buds, or plug in good quality “External” Base Capable Speakers to your PC or Laptop.

We appreciate your viewership, and assure you that we will address this issue for future videos we design and produce for internet use.

Thank you for tuning in.

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