Help transform a Shark Fishing Boat into a Dive Boat, right here in Weh Island, Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia. Say NO to shark finning and support local business.


Join us, Dive Weh, a small mobile dive center start-up. We raised the capital to take a Shark Boat off the market, now YOU can remodel it! To leverage our business to make a dent in the massive industry of shark finning, we started this crowdfunding campaign.

What you get: the satisfaction of tearing down a shark killer and turning it into leisure craft. A chance to show local fisherfolk that their fishing boats can be used for tourism and marine protection, not just destruction. That tourism is a good economic alternative for them and their families. A glimpse into the beautiful island of Weh. An opportunity to learn with us, dive with us, right here in Pulau Weh, Indonesia.

Help turn a Shark Fisher into a Dive Boat, and plan your next tropical holiday. Why not?

For more information, visit our Dive Weh website,

To support our Indiegogo crowdfund campaign,

Thank You from us at Dive Weh!
Shao & Salim

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