2O23 Viẓon

A vision of Turkey in 2023 as the nation celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic.

The pieces that make up the exhibition utilise mathematics and symbols to imagine a future disconnected from the past by the loss of language/alphabet - as occurred with Atatürk's language and alphabet reforms. All that is left is the common currency of money.

The works are a comment on the current political climate and the desire of the present leaders for a post-Kemalist, perhaps neo-Ottoman/neo-Caliphate future for Turkey.
At the same time the exhibition holds out the promise of a more pluralistic future while highlighting the fragile nature of the democratic process.

The spelling of “vizyon/vision” hints at the future alphabet reform which becomes clearer as the exhibition proceeds.
The actual proposed future alphabet is never explicitly described, but it is used in describing the pieces.

The new symbol of the state is the current star and crescent with the star rotated so that it faces forward and sits within the crescent. The symbol of state is also the symbol for the lira when placed before the number and the symbol for kuruş when placed after the number. The star representing the state is now engulfed by the crescent representing religion. The two combined to represent money.

Each piece in the exhibition explores notions of dimensions/time/senses to highlight aspects of the present and future.
The number 2023 is 17squared x 7, and these numbers occur as a theme throughout the project.

Mute Point

A gold commemorative coin for the year 2023.
The coin represents zero-dimensional space - a point.

A 10,000 Lira Gold Commemorative Coin issued for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic.
The coin is 20 cm in diameter (4:1 scale) and 2 cm thick.
The coin is cast in bronze and gold-plated. It sits on a rotating mirrored turntable.

The coin shows an outline of Atatürk’s profile. The outline makes it unclear as to whether this is actually Atatürk or not - a point highlighted by the shape of the curve which resembles a question mark with the dot of the question mark formed by the dot that separates the dates 1923 and 2023.

The front and the back of the coins are the same except the head faces right on the obverse and left on the reverse - looking to the past and the future.

The 10,000 Lira value is written as 100 squared.
The symbol for the lira echoes the euro symbol and leaves open the question of whether Turkey will be in the EU in 2023.

“Türkíye” is written in binary. A series of 0s and 1s are on the edge of the coin.

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