Water Online Radio Interviewer: Communication is not something a lot of folks immediately think of when talking about the water industry. Tell us about how communication and water quality are connected.

Donna: We need big picture thinking to show how communication can support water awareness and water utilities.

This would require three things:

Making sure that we change the language of water, so that any stakeholder group can understand it; moving complexities in our language – engineering-speak, if you will – and changing that to more lay-language that people can understand.

Secondly, it’s important for us to address the knowledge gap of the general public and make sure that we feed appropriate information to make sure we have a water-aware general public and informed water citizens.

Third, it’s important for us to treat water as a true brand in the marketplace. As communicators, we need to make sure that we communicate appropriately about product quality – water quality. As you well know, water utilities are a business. They should be treated as a business. And for every business, communication is a key function. Done right, we can use communication to raise the profile of water quality, inform the value of water equation, more importantly, showcase the good work that water utilities are doing.

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