This is the story of Cindy Lou-Who,
who was hurt by a Grinch, has this happened to you?
Your Grinch, be it boss, foe, inlaw, or star,
in your mind at least, is the worst Grinch of all.

But listen up friend, you may not have heard,
about these foul Grinches, not even a word.
They have many masks that they change on demand,
and will do anything, if you put cash in their hand.

This list is full of the worst Grinches with wrenches,
twisting, pulling, denying, or confusing intentions.
They divide, cover-up, and hurt all with their lies,
paid for their words, by unseen corporate spies.

If The Grinch List be the only thing we can say,
we'll laugh and we'll mock, and they'll soon go away.

When the Who's are all Hah's,
they'll be back to Who's too,
come Christmas next year,
come back for round two!

-- Jim "The Lorax" Lee

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