As soon as the sun gets sleepy and the clouds of the western horizon get painted with a light orange color, the life in tired Khartoum starts its active day and Osman and his boys starts preparing the sidewalk east of Kober bridge... waiting for those looking for hot chocolate cups and kapetshino and may be those looking to let out past disappointments, impossible dreams and the exhausting reality... you will find his bike leaning like it has aged… and it say on the stall: “Nile Nights Café”. No matter how crowded it was, Osman or his boys would find you a seat, they would get you a cup… on the sidewalk or on the seasonal ground that the Nile eats in autumn and recedes of in summer.
Osman Khalil Ibrahim Ahmed, people call me Osman Kapetchino, I am from New Half, Alhidaya village… I started with farming and ranching, after a sometime in farming, I had a traffic accident that affected my leg… so I quitted farming and came to Khartoum, I worked in many jobs in Khartoum, I worked as a construction labor, I worked in Blue Nile Cafeteria and then I bought me a trolley, I got some tea, coffee and kapetchino thermoses in it and I roamed with it around Nile street, at that time “Adarobs” were all over that street and they were roaming with me to sell their tea and coffee. I had a portable “Canar” telephone in the trolley and I was delivering, thank God I made some customers, they used to call me and say: “come to us Osman we are here… or there” and I wrote on the trolley “Nile Nights” and my phone number. So Osman, the “Nile Nights” label has been there for a while! Yes and I also wrote Kapetchino, that is why people called me Osman kapetchino, and thank God I consider this kapetshino a bless and a gift from God, and thank God, now I have a stall, I sell from it and people come to drink at it. I dream that in the future, “Nile Nights Café” would be a big Café at Nile street and in- and outside Sudan and that all the people would meet at it.
I said to myself: why do we always look at others success stories from the helpless point of view… like they were a prophet’s miracles… Osman is a story beyond disability… that has overcome the frustrating reality… and has climbed the ladder of the possible patiently… from the trolley to a famous place with a taste, flavor and soul.
Cities gain their identity from their people, not from their buildings… from the places that they escape to when they need a third lung … to give them more oxygen… and may be a warm chocolate cup… people like Osman are the ones who give Khartoum its identity

Soundtrack hammock i can see you

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