Okay, that was one of the longer video titles we've had, but that pretty much explains it all.

We purchased the DJI Phantom for an out of country shoot earlier this year and were not happy with the footage with the stock gopro mount. There was too much vibration and wobbliness to make that footage useable at all.

Come the end of December and we had a more local wedding project in post production that we really wanted to redo the aerial shots for. So came the journey of, without any experience, opening up the DJI Phantom, soldering wires for the first time in my life (and of course burning myself in the process), installing Windows on my mac (another story there), upgrading the firmware, etc etc, to attach the Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal.

But it was all worth it. Using the skills I developed desperately trying to get a stable shot out of the Phantom, the gimbal did magic that made my shots effortless!

Granted, without the third axis of stabilization (panning) you still have to have some solid skill in flying. As well as knowing how you're composing and not killing anybody in the process.

The above video is a culmination of the first couple of days of having the gimbal installed and working.

The Hero3+ is pretty awesome, by the way. Dynamic range, image quality and low light capability knock its predecessors' socks off!

Hit me up with questions if you have any! mike@onyxcinema.com

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