Light is Time Folds are Space was realised at the Alhondiga Bilbao as part of an Ars Electronica curated collaboration. It features 368 laser cut and hand folded sheets of polypropylene that are calculated to use the same folded pattern with an increasing angle and height. The pattern is a generalisation of a waterbomb tessellation. Using an algorithmic approach the side surfaces are calculated to be perpendicular to the plane of the wall. The arrangement of 11 midi controlled lights then allow an animation of shadows across the surface of the work, as a departure point from earlier oribotic ( works that rely on mechanical actuation for movement of folds.

I wanted to make a work that expressed an impossible to realise scale–the nano scale–and make it so large that it would totally encompass the viewer’s frame of view. This was inspired by my research into recent scientific developments in nano fabrication, particularly an area called DNA Origami which in scientific circles refers to the folding and binding of DNA into programmed shapes, an unnatural engineering approach to using natural material.

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Music Track: In Time
Artist: Stellardrome

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