Myconnect as symbiotic interspecies connector made of organisms with it’s circuit of signals and impulses, that are generated and translated by biological and technological organisms performs an immersive experience of symbiotic interdependence.
In the Myconnect capsule nervous system of a person is integrated into human-interface-mycelium feedback loop via heartbeat. Mycelium’s oscillations of electrical resistance than generate temporal offset of the incoming heartbeat, that is transferred back to the human body via sound, light and haptic sensory impulses. Transferred sensory experience of the body tries to indicate the dependence of understanding of reality from the sensory impulses of the environment, while symbiotic link points out the integration of human being in the multilayered network of his or hers habitat.

Myconnect was developed by Saša Spačal, Dr.Mirjan Švagelj and Anil Podgornik in collaboration with Kapelica Gallery.

myconnect blog:

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