The cafe that never was! Or at least... almost was. Our dear friends and owners of a very progressive train station coffee shop coined Caff Transit asked us for help in crafting an inspiring film for their Kickstarter page. This cafe would offer only the best in locally roasted coffee and espresso ordered via a smart phone application. We shot this piece in both Wicker Park and Logan Square neighborhoods in Chicago. Shortly after construction of the first cafe, the city of Chicago ended the project as the train stop would undergo significant maintenance resulting in an unusable space for a coffee shop. Although we are very disappointed to see the project come to an end, we are thrilled with the energy and sentiment that this film encapsulates. It's a great little slice of two of Chicago's most beloved northwest neighborhoods.

Now go drink some coffee!


Director: Mark Pallman, Donnie Bauer
Producer: Donnie Bauer, Sarah Wein
Edit: Mark Pallman, Brad Cannady
Design: Donnie Bauer
Animation: Steve Greenwalt
Color Correction: Ken Wald, Donnie Bauer
Audio Engineer: Marina Bacci

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