We are a husband and wife wedding photography and bridal makeup team for Lovers

She “waltz” into his dormitory room, moving in congruence with all the steps she has learned from being a dancer for many years. Gina, sat down and begun to watch television, as he relaxed on his bed. After about 30 seconds of silence, she demanded: “What is your name? “Ade” he answered, in an easy going tone. “And yours?” “Don’t worry about it, she replied. She proceeded with her inquiries and the conversation continued for a few more minutes but she would not tell him her name until two days later. He was intrigued… In that brief moment, he recognized her: his equal; for she had allowed him a peak into her soul…”

Thirteen years later, we are a couple residing in Central Pennsylvania. Together, we work, create, and serve clients both nationally and internationally. Ade is a photographer and a graduate of Brooklyn College. Gina is a physician as well as a makeup artist in which she has fused her love for medicine and makeup. For our wedding, Gina did her own bridal makeup and Ade took some of our wedding photographs. Together, our lives is a “soulful strut”: we share a passion for: art, antiquing, Panera Bread Restaurant, tacos, lemonade, travel, James Bond movies, Starbucks, tea, top 40 (pop), candles, and Soca music.

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