NOTE: This is an updated and extended version of the video that was originally posted.

The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the performance of the new "2K Center Scan" crop mode of Sony's PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 camcorders.

The Center Scan mode offers two major advantages: First, it allows the use of Super 16mm lenses and B4 2/3” lenses on the F5/F55 camera whenever you’re shooting with an HD or 2K video format. The second advantage is that it gives you the equivalent of a 2x optical extender with no loss of light, no loss of sharpness, and best of all – it’s FREE!

And what that means to me, is that I just doubled my collection of lenses. For example, my f/2.0 75mm Cine-Xenar prime just became a f/2.0 150mm lens. My Zeiss f/2.6 LWZ 15.5 – 45mm zoom . . . just became a f/2.6 31 – 90mm zoom. And my f/2.9 RED 300mm prime just became a f/2.9 600mm prime. For news, documentary and wildlife shooters this is a huge advantage. And any PL or SLR lens will work with the Center Scan mode


For more information about the Sony PMW-F55 camcorder, please see “Doug Jensen's Guide to the Sony PMW-F55” book.

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