The Black Page

A new animated short performed live by The Sancho Plan
Filmed at the Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle UK on 24th September 2009

The Black Page is The Sancho Plan's first true interactive short film. Combining the highest quality musical and visual design, it's a new entertainment experience in which a live onstage band controls in real-time a cast of onscreen animated musical characters.

The short film tells the tale of a lost wanderer who stumbles into a surreal desert landscape, and learns that the door home can only be opened by an unusual guardian. "Frank Zappa meets Salvador Dali in this unique interactive entertainment experience."

“These are exciting times for both the music and film industries. The Sancho Plan’s live performance is an entertainment experience built to combine the narrative power of cinema with the energy of seeing a great live band."
Ed Cookson, Director of The Sancho Plan

"The Black Page is amazing, finding the group taking their concept to new heights. Part Frank Zappa drum solo, part Dali tribute, it truly is a wonder to behold."
The North Phase

"Something Pixar would do if it gave up family films for avant-garde performance art, and started hanging around with Thievery Corporation and the developers of Rock Band. If only they would."

"A multisensory experience - a mix of animation, music and high-tech intereaction"
The Sunday Times

"Move over Pixar as audiovisual group The Sancho Plan present 'The Black Page', an out of the ordinary cinema experience."
The Guardian

"I delight in The Sancho Plan's perfect expression of the new transmedia immersive world. Like wild dogs, they are boldly marking the evolution of digital music and digital image as a live immersive experience.” ;
Alex McDowell, production designer (Fight Club, Watchmen) & director of the 5D Immersive Design Conference

“In our Future Of Sound shows, The Sancho Plan embodies the pioneering spirit of today’s emerging technologies guided by true artistic daring and vibrant performance – in the future all entertainment will be made this way!"
Martyn Ware, founder of the Human League & Heaven 17, and host of the Future Of Sound UK tour

The Black Page is funded by Arts Council England North East, Northern Film & Media, PRS Foundation, the Institute of Digital Innovation, Arts & Business and Tyneside Cinema.

Visual Production in conjuction with Golden Square
System Architecture by Do Tank Studios
Technical support from ArtAV
Produced by Haus Projects

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