A SymmetryFilms and Soop Kitchen Co-Production

The silent film about movie sound.

Doppelganger follows an everyday man as he sets out with list of chores: Laundry; Banking; Mail a package. But when a Shifty Fella recognizes Our Man from a photo, the chores become a prelude to action, intrigue and hilarity!

Doppelganger is a satirical homage to the 1979 documentary "Track Stars: The Unseen Heroes of Movie Sound". In Track Stars, Foley Artists perform live sound effects to a split-screened action film.

Starring Gemini Nominees Marilee Yorston, Dwayne Hill, and Shauna MacDonald.

With Stefan Fraticelli and Andy Malcolm.

A SymmetryFilms and Soop Kitchen Co-Production 2010

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