A wedding is thought of being one of the most stressful days in someone’s life. However it is also one of the happiest and most monumental. It is a day with the sole purpose of celebrating the love and union of two individuals. Urmila and John, two people of different cultural and religious backgrounds, were fortunate enough to experience this day twice in one weekend.
On the 24th and 25th of August two ceremonies took place Redworth Hall, the enchanting country house nestled in the natural beauty of County Durham. Each was completely different to one another but both identical in meaning and purpose. Urmila and John’s musical talent inspired the theme of the first wedding. The decorations gave the room a truly beautiful atmosphere that was only surpassed by the bride’s presence.
The second wedding took us on a journey across the world to India. Hindu weddings always have a certain something about them that makes them special. The colorful ceremony brought strong emotions to the family and friends of the happy couple. Indian traditions, such as the drummers and vibrant saris, dictated the proceedings and after party.

“John, thank you for making every single day a challenge… a real challenge, but never a chore. If this is what you and I can do for one weekend I can’t wait to see what we can achieve during the rest of our lives together.”
We could not say it better than Urmila. However we can emphasize that these were two truly amazing weddings dedicated to two people that truly deserved them.All of us from HDMoments wish the best to Urmila and John and may all their days be as exciting, rewarding and special.Once again thank you for choosing the HDMoments team to create a hindu wedding videographer london that’s worth showing to your future grandkids.

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