Demonstrating an impressionistic way of painting the subject. As in this example there is no starting photo required. Sometimes a starting image can be used to distort,transform and destroy until a subject is discovered in the image. See some of my previous videos.

The whole idea is to put down all the crucial elements of what realistic lit image requires in a single session. With that,defined shapes, colors and light and so forth. There is no detail work here only more or less emphasized areas. With detail being so minimal color and shape are the major contributors to speedpaint.

This method as odd as it seems can actually be used to do predetermined motifs. If i get an idea in my head i can paint destructively in that way with the idea in the back of my mind. So the subject created with the technique doesn't have-to be born out of shear randomness.

If you look at a photograph or anything in your environment, and then defocus your eyes, squint ,you will see what a speedpaint might require for a realistic render. You wont have the detail but you will still see what the image is in a whole.

for more speedpaintings, feel free to check out my website

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