This music video was directed by Onkyovizion, which is a video team made up of Akiko & Hashim Bharoocha. The video was shot by Akiko Bharoocha and Steve Gute.
Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls is a supergroup on Ubiquity Records featuring Money Mark (known for his solo records and his work with the Beastie Boys), Tommy Guerrero (former pro skateboarder turned musician), and Shawn Lee (known for his solo records and Ping Pong Orchestra project).
The video is based on an idea by Money Mark to mimic the style of Kutiman videos.
We featured our friends and local musicians from Los Angeles, and had them mimic the parts on this Lord Newborn song.

Featured musicians:
Ikey Owens from Mars Volta, Daedelus, Long Lost (Alfred & Laura Darlington), pro skater and musician Ray Barbee, DJ Gaslamp Killer, Ras G, Niki Randa and Andres Renteria from Blank Blue, Nosaj Thing, Frosty from Dublab, Alejandro Cohen (Dublab, Languis, Pharoahs).

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