1990, 18:41, 35mm/Beta/DVD, available as "MARIOLA BRILLOWSKA/THE ANIMATED FILMS" stora.de/main.php?goto=tontraeger&artikelnr=rfp4

Mr. Grabowski, I`d like to order a grave.

Come with me to my office, we`ll see what we can do. It won`t be possible this week. Maybe next week. But only if you bring an attestation, that the mortuary can`t keep the body any longer. They should write… until when. And you should bring me some polish cigarettes, polish cigarettes…

Moj Boze, when I`ve finished this year I`ll have worked out the magnificent piece, therefore help me, that I live that long.

Stop smoking this polish dirt and you`ll immediately feel better. There are so many nice brands of cigarettes in the shops. No, an emigrant remains an emigrant for ever. Tell me, you mortal dust, what has changed in your life since you`re in the West? Nothing, I tell you. You have the same job, the same standing, and you smoke the same brand of cigarettes. Your problem is the same as before, to rest like a rich man. Grabowski! You`ll never reach me like this.

Ach PRZESTAN father, I know what I`m doing. Times have changed. You wait 3 or 4 months for a grave and if your family can`t pay the mortuary, you become dog food. I`ve worked here long enough to know what it means to a Catholic to own a grave. Even if I sin, the laws are the same for everybody. After purgatory I`ll come to heaven, whether you like it or not. And I`ll be good in purgatory because I`ll have a lecherous, warm grave that will always give me a new strength to fight your and your family`s chicanery.

Grabowski, you shitty polish rat, here`s my father`s half-rotten finger because we can`t affort the mortuary. And you swine fuck my mother and make empty promises. If my father isn`t buried by tomorrow I`ll cut off your fucking balls, you stinking asshole, Heinz Harro!

Office here… Office here…

Grabek, come to my office in about half an hour.

When it got colder outside, the cementery smelt stronger of leaves and fir trees, soil and corpses, mould and stone. Grabowski breathed in deeply and immediately remembered his childhood, the way from the orphanage to the CMENTARZ, where you could play hide-and-seek very well. As a young boy he was very often given small jobs to do in this cementary. When he was 25 he emigrated to the West and realized his lifelong dream to become a gravedigger. From then on he was lacking for nothing except that he never came in contact with love. The widows liked to fuck to get their old man a place in the hole, but none of them awakened any feelings in him. A beech leaf fell to his feet and he became tragically sentimental. Where is she, the one whom he`ll love for ever? Then he saw the grave, the queuing widows and… LOLA! There was something perfect about her, her eye was music, her heart the most special part of her body. When she moved, every man, every woman, every child was compelled to look at her.

I`m Grabowski. Come, come with me… My house LOLA… You smile at many men?

I love men, I always have done.

I just wondered what it would be like to kiss you.


I`d be prepared to marry you… Now I know, you smile at so many men… because you have such a pretty smile, oh, I could imagine a man falling in love with you only because of your smile. Do I frighten you? What if I wanted to see you again tomorrow, LOLA?

Come in… Ah, Grabek, dobrze, ze jestes…

Heinz Harro, you ridiculous, little german cocksucker, you old dried-up pansy, you can impress your assfuckers with your threats. I crush jellyfish like you with my bare hands. Forget that you ever were a man. And if you don`t send your mother here again to be fucked, I`ll pack a dozen corpses in your fucked-out pansy. Grabowski!

Grabowski finish today. Give cigarettes, come tomorrow.

Burial Grabowski. I need the phone number of a widow…

You know LOLA, I think the guy isn`t quite normal. What do the whores see in him?


Grabowski speaking.

What do you want from me?

I must see you, LOLA. But I don`t want to come to that bar.

I`m not interested. I`ve just heard about your widow passions.

I did`nt do anything. It`s over and done with. And besides, you forgot to fill in the forms for your husband`s funeral. Anywhere else you`d wait 3 or 4 month to get the permission for a funeral.

I`ll come when I`ve finished here.

Come soon, LOLA.

I thought I`d become more sensible than to start an affair with men who only cause trouble… I fall in love with you at first sight. I can`t look you in the eye.

There`s something perfect about you…

No, no, perfection… me?

Your eye is music, your heart is the most special part of your body. When you move, every man, every woman, every child is compelled to look at you.

You`re a real go-getter, I must say.

I`m an expert, I plan such things. I saw you in the queue and I feel that this must be fate. So why should we resist it? I desire you, LOLA, and I want you to desire me. We could certainly each have another partner, but they aren`t here now… Just the two of us. We haven`t as much time as we used to have. ZATEM, let me go to Poland, home, to settle a few things for our future… for yours and mine. I`d like us to get married. LOLA, I have a weakness for marriages.

You ce me laugh… ha, ha, ha…

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