Due to my WOW! 500 MB quota, I had to cut this in half and save it as an MP4 (YUK!) As it is already a 30 year-old VHS dub, it is not the best in the first place, but oh well, it's what I got! It seems to be hung on 15% so maybe it won't upload at all! We shall see! (time passes) Well it's been stuck on 15% for about 30 minutes, so I guess I will copy all this text, and shut it down and try again. Too many glitches with this Vimeo thing. Think I will start looking around!
OK, back. I'm timing it against DropBox, see which one ULs fastest!
Must be the same server... slower than molasses going uphill in January! (In Minnesota!) End DropBox!WOW, it only took 2 hours to upload an 8 min video! :-(

In this video, Gina takes on the role of 'big sister' and tries to explain to Jess how to move (or not to), and Jess accepts her role politely, but frankly I think she knows how to move pretty well without tutelage! LOL!

Consider the tail end of this video to be a 'trailer' for 'Gina's Grand Canyon Visit', another video I will try to upload if I can get it down to 500MB or less, hopefully without having to resort to MP4 again! :-/

Please click the FOLLOW button, for notification when I upload more -500MB videos! (Sorry Vimeo, but I cannot afford your Vimeo Plus right now, so I will have to be satisfied with cut versions and/or MP4 Phone-sized vids!)

As with all my videos, downloads, embeds and collections are disabled. If you have a site or collection you would like to add this video to, please contact me and I will review your site or collection to see if i feel it is appropriate. This is NOT pornography. It is an erotic and sensual dance. Please 'LIKE' it if you watch it and do, and commenting is always welcome! Thanks

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