I had wanted one of these things since we did some basic CAD stuff at school (in the early 90's). There's just something really hypnotic when it gets going. I got lucky when I found a german guy who had been selling these back in the day and he had a stack of plotters in _unopened_ boxes. So this one I got was still in it's wrappings and original box - never been used (well, the seller powered it on for self-test to see that it actually worked). A real find.

Facts about this process:
- Printed directly from Inkscape on A3 sized paper
- Using the WinLine Classic v8 driver (which is made of pure awesomeness)
- Plotting is done with the slowest speed available from the driver, the default speed is lightning fast, but the ink from the pen doesn't have enough time to seep into the paper (it looks sketchy)
- I made an adapter from one of the pens to holster any kind of pen, I've used a pencil, a marker on celluloid, a ball-point pen (which makes extremely fine details) etc
- I made the image myself tracing it from the book SW Vehicles and Vessels. The image is actually inaccurate, some details are wrong
- Can't. Stop. Watching.

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