The name "Ultimate" is fitting for these pants, as I have worn them for sunny park-lap days at the resort and skinning in the backcountry finding the real deep white stuff. The Ultimate pant by Ripzone is a good one-quiver pant considering the double layer seat, the flow-through venting, and heavy duty (yet easy to open with gloved hands) zips. They are versatile and not to mention stylish. I enjoy wearing the mustard color pants with my copper Altitude Shell Ripzone jacket, even though some have nicknamed me corn dog.

As I stated, I enjoy these pants in the park or deep pow. The fully sealed seams keep the wet and cold out and the dry and warm in. There are plenty of pockets for all your skiing and snowboarding necessities and adjustability features ensuring a perfect fit. The crotch vent is also definitely worth mentioning. I've never owned a pair of pants that utilize this feature but I'm glad I do now. The zippered vent is a continuous vent from my left thigh to my right thigh, making sure that my crotch is always vented and aired out. Those parts are often more sweaty than the inside of my thighs, so I'm glad someone was thinking logistically about the venting system!

Considering the outrageous costs these days to check bags, if you're heading on a ski trip I'd recommend these to keep your suitcase slim and your wallet full. They'll keep you warm and looking good.


Ultimate pant by Ripzone:
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