odalc.org/donate - Jimmy Wales (Co-founder, Wikipedia) speaking about the next billion Internet users and their impact on the world. Wale's ability to think ahead, and foresee technology trends is parallel to the mission and objective of the newly formed non-profit, Oakland Digital Arts & Literacy Center.

The Oakland Digital Arts & Literacy Center (ODALC) inspires the community by providing innovative computer-based training programs and access to digital technology with life changing keynote speakers.

ODALC's goal is simple: Inspire, Train, and Innovate.

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone and that aims to provide free encyclopedic information to its readers. It was formally launched on 15 January 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger using the concept and technology of a wiki pioneered by Ward Cunningham.

The earliest known proposal for an online encyclopedia was made by Rick Gates in 1993. The concept of an open source web-based online encyclopedia was proposed by Richard Stallman around 1999. Initially Wikipedia was created as a complement and 'feeder' to the expert-written English-language encyclopedia project 'Nupedia', in order to provide an additional source of draft articles and ideas. It quickly overtook Nupedia, growing to become a large global project, and originating a wide range of additional reference projects. Today Wikipedia includes over 14 million freely usable articles in hundreds of languages worldwide, and content from millions of contributors.

To learn more about the ODALC, visit odalc.org and our blog, inspireoakland.com. Follow us on Twitter, @ODALC. To donate, please visit odalc.org/donate.

Thank you for your time, consideration and support!

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