The Voyages of the Sojourner trilogy is a sci-fi adventure movie in a Steampunk theme. It follows the adventures and explorations of the HMS Sojourner under the command of Captain Phineas Aknussen. In part 1, the HMS Wayfarer gets caught in a storm, a beloved comrade lost at sea and First Officer Phineas gets promoted to captain of the Sojournerr

The Cast in Order of Appearance

Capt Steubing - Shalako
Phineas Aknussen - Killian
Silas - Peter Martin
Eidwynn - Jakechief
Arianna - Dulci
Duchess - Duchess110
Phelonious - JohnnyEx
Ondarag - Anim8r Cathy
First Officer Rodrigo - Macwemyss
Singing Rodrigo - Norrie
Lord Azael - Ricky Grove
Lady Azael - Alley

Johann De Martini - played by special guest John Martin II

Story and Animation

Special Thanks to Ricky Grove for his tireless efforts in sound engineering

Costume Design - AnimaTechnica
Custom Meshes - BigBoss
Duchess costume - by Alley
Wayfarer airship, props - Popeye, coolclones, clones2go

Musical Score
Antonin Dvorak - Symphony no.9
Cherry Ann Fulton -"Marsh of Ruddha'
Pro Scores 'Sky Elves'

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