With so many end of year galleries going up, I figured I'd try my own. Now, as much as I love photography, finding time to edit my personal work has become increasingly difficult. I've tried a number of approaches to make it a bit easier when it comes to projects, but for an end of year gallery I thought I'd eschew editing altogether.

So if I didn't edit why is this going up 48 hours after the new year? Well I wanted to make sure I included EVERY picture from 12:01am 1/1/13 to 11:59pm 12/31/13, then I had several technical hurdles to jump through....

What I did was take my entire 2013 Lightroom catalog and export every image as a jpg file at 72dpi with 1080 pixels on the longest edge. This took all new years day. Then I had to create an image sequence--essentially a stop motion/timelapse video file out of all of these pictures. Normally I'd assemble this in quicktime and then tweak the timing in Final Cut, but because of the varying aspect ratios of my photos--2:3, 4:5, 1:1, etc--quicktime skewed the dimensions of a ton of files and I had to start over in Adobe Premiere.

Once that was all sorted out I found some music over at the Free Music Archive, timed everything out, and exported what you see above.

All told, over 13,000 images are in the video, flashing by a lightning speed. As I was editing it was really cool to essentially see a timelapse of my past year--and since I included everything--my DSLR photos, iPhone photos, film I shot and scanned--I learned a few things as well. I learned that I shoot a ton on my iPhone--I already knew this, it's a function of primarily using my DSLR for video and snapping stills on my phone, but still amazing to see all the square instagram and hipstamatic shots I had taken. I learned that I regret not photographing my family more. I learned that I actually take some OK vertical photos.

The most important thing I learned, or remembered, or took away though was this: I am incredibly lucky to live the life that I live, surrounded by the amazing people that I know, and getting to see and do exciting things. I can only hope 2014 brings more of the same.

Happy New Year.

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