In order of appearance: 1) Ernie Magnotti, parent, follows up on the previous months address to the board to discuss where a technology committee with a specific charter would help continuously improve the 1:X offering, and help avoid situations like the embarrassing news event that happened as a result of the iOS7 upgrade problem 2) Brett Wooten, husband of Michelle Wooten (principal of Donald Elementary) speaks of the virtues of Strategic Design 3) Carol Baugh, parent, speaks to the weaknesses of LISD communications, especially following the communication breakdown during the iOS7 upgrade/security problems 4) Lauren Etter, parent at Donald Elementary, speaks of the virtues of the iPad 5) Jennifer Arebalo, parent at Donald Elementary, speaks of the virtues of the iPad.

It is interesting to understand the bigger picture in this months addresses to the board. Note that Donald Elementary is represented by 3 different speakers, the principals husband and two parents. All three Donald Elementary speakers are cheerleading for the district leadership. To add some additional context, in the time since the previous board meeting, the local Fox News TV station ran a story about iPad security problems in LISD. The story was featured Billy Jean Weddell, who's child attends Donald Elementary. Billy Jean also spoke at the October board meeting regarding concerns with iPad security problems. There is some intrigue around the possibility that Dr. Waddell is holding the Donald Elementary principal accountable to the Fox News story (Dr. Waddell's reputation is that he holds the schools and zone leaders responsible for controlling disgruntled parents). Thus, the intrigue speculates that the 3 speakers from Donald Elementary, including the principals husband, were an attempt by the Donald elementary principal to save face with the superintendent, Dr. Waddell.

Other observations: Ernie Magnotti (me) spoke at the second board meeting in a row about the benefits of establishing a Technology Steering Committee. On November 18th, the district hosted a technology presentation to the board where Barbara Brown, the LISD CTO, indicated that the district has had a Technology Committee in place for a couple of years. Note that none of the trustees, nor district senior leadership including Barbara Brown, notified me that there was already a committee in place that somewhat aligned with my recommendation. apparently, most, of not all of the trustees were unaware of any such committee. Also note in follow up's to the district Public Information office, I have asked for an official charter for this technology committee, to which I have been told that the committee is newly being reorganized and that a revised charter does not yet exist.

Other observations continued: During Carol Baugh's address, where she offered constructive criticism of the district communication problems with 1:X during the iOS7 security event, the Public Information Officer left her seat and had a conversation with Dr. Waddell and Carol Kyer. This conversation was happening while Carol Baugh was speaking to the board, and specifically to the three of them. The treatment of Ms. Baugh was very distracting, rude, and unacceptable. If I were speaking and they did this, I would have stopped until they finished there conversation, and would have asked for the courtesy of their attention during my allotted three minutes.

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