Known for their antics after entering a 1981 DMC DeLorean Time Machine (which looked suspiciously like a 1984 Toyota Supra covered in tin foil with a coffee maker glued to it) in 2007's "The 24 Hours of LeMons" race, Team: "It's the Libyans" returned for a second round in 2008 under the guise of Team: "First Blood". Not to be outdone by themselves or anyone else, this time it would be war. A back-firing 1991 GMC Sonoma was chosen as the team's weapon of choice, which was fitted out military style with an extra rear-axle, military spec (or house paint spec) paint and graphics and a life-size Rambo, complete with mini-gun, as co-driver.

What ensued would go down in the history books. Thanks to a couple of teams taking the whole thing too seriously (the premise of the race, in short, is to enter a $500 car in a 24 hour endurance race), Team: First Blood recieved not only the coveted 'People's Choice' award paying $500 in nickels, but also the 'People's Curse' award which payed a kick in the nuts and the total destruction of their vehicle. And keeping things in the spirit of LeMons, the team was responsible for destroying their own race car while having the most fun of any team who participated.

The following documentary tells their story.

For more info on what the hell The 24 Hours of LeMons is:

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