This is a time lapse video of a mural created in eastern Ohio during the winter of 2012-2013. The image depicted is a slightly altered rendition of a glimpse into a 1950's Shellubrication Service Station. It is still at its original location in Michigan City, Indiana. The address in the piece is accurate. The time on the clock is set for the date the mural was finished. The cars are of the period. The painting application is contemporary. Pop and Bud Parker were real people and this installation resides in the garage of Pop's grandson. The house depicted had burned down some time after the photo was taken, but was left in for compositional value. Two of the drivers of the vehicles are implied in the painting. One is obvious, One is not. All photography was self shot with a manual timer on a point and shoot camera.

Paint used: Belton Molotow, Mtn 94
Number of cans: 72
Time: 4 months, on and off

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