Cellular Forms uses a simplified model of cellular growth to create intricate sculptural shape. Structures are created out of interconnected cells, with rules for the forces between cells, as well as rules for how cells accumulate internal nutrients. When the nutrient level in a cell exceeds a given threshold the cell splits into two, with both the parent and daughter cells reconnecting to their immediate neighbours. Many different complex organic structures are seen to arise from subtle variations on these rules, creating forms with strong reminiscences of plants, corals, internal organs and micro-organisms.

In this video a density map is used to show the internal details of the structures as they grow, giving an X-Ray like view through the three dimensional forms.

The aim is to create structures emergently: exploring generic similarities between many different forms in nature rather than recreating any particular organism, in the process exploring universal archetypal forms that can come from growth processes rather than top-down externally engineered design.

I've put a paper about Cellular Forms (which was presented at the AISB-50 conference) up on my website at: andylomas.com/extra/andylomas_paper_cellular_forms_aisb50.pdf

For other videos of my work take a look at my channel: vimeo.com/channels/andylomas

For more information: andylomas.com

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