2013 you have been grand.

I visited 25 countries, flew almost 100 times, celebrated my 3 year anniversary with my love, finally moved into a house, worked on film sets with amazing crews and talent, seen miracles, experienced loss, made many new friends, laughed, loved, cried, dreamed, and so much more.

This video is a compilation of my 2013. Each day is represented by one second of video. While many of the clips may seem boring or not mean anything to you, they accurately represent that specific day for me. As I look back at my seconds, I surprisingly can recap each day.

Each second chosen was definitely not the best second of the day, as I chose to experience those seconds rather than capture it. I don't regret my days, and am certainly blessed for the experiences and people God brought into my life this year. I know 2014 will be another grand adventure and I am excited to see my final 1 Second Everyday compilation of 2014.

*Special thanks to the 1SE iPhone app and Cesar Kuriyama for designing it. 1secondeveryday.com
**All video taken with iPhone5
***Compilation starts on January 18th and I missed three days during the year :(

Music: "Out of Egypt" - Sufjan Stevens

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