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What’s part of our new Intercultural Food Literacy program:

- A BC seasonal/local Asian produce guide
- A “Market Box” of local Asian organic produce
- Intergenerational cooking workshops: elders teach youth how to cook traditional dishes, youth source the ingredients as sustainably as possible

We started out as a project called Shark Truth that is best known for pioneering shark conservation using a unique cross-cultural lens. While small, we’ve already proven in only four years what many said was impossible: stopping 80,000 bowls of shark fin and bringing on board the first traditional Chinese restaurant onto the Ocean Wise seafood sustainability program.

Now we are expanding our work: when it comes to food security, experts consistently cite a lack of involvement from diverse communities as a major barrier to creating systemic change. We are a completely youth-run nonprofit with three staff and an amazing group of volunteers working to engage one of the most powerful, untapped audiences into the world of sustainability and environmental action. This is a huge task, but we can do it with your support.

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