What does it mean - to think like Christ? Can we actually do it?

About a year ago our local Christian Cable Ministries asked all the pastors to come by and record a video. They were hoping to collect enough to have a weekly show. They did not get enough and gave up the project. After a year they did, though, finally get a DVD to me. Apparently the actual "prepared for airing" copy was lost so I just received the raw file.

This was kind of an odd recording, they just had me stand in front of the cameras (no audience) and speak. A little strange but I did the best I could. Hopefully it is helpful to you!.

If you'd like the notes, powerpoint, or actual sermon recording (audio) it's available on our old sermon archive at sites.google.com/site/lhc2012sepoct/home/sermon-audio-notes.

Thanks for viewing!

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