Perry' Feighan's 5dr 1.4 Polo 6r Match hugs you tightly with its Bride Bucket Seat making sure you wont slide loose with the Takata Harness. The car shifts gears with a sense of drama with help from Zillalife's Shifter & Family Guy DIY gaitor.

The exterior is very unique, first to strike you is the Zillalife wing and the lower front splitter, the wheels are a gorgeous set of one off Extreme Offset Wheels (custom chromed Steel wheels) 8j et25 all round with a 20mm spacer on the rear for the extra poke.

Havair have had there way with the suspension set up using a 2 way electronic air suspension, soon to have a Zillalife boot build as well. OH, and don't forget the colour changing neons.

The car was built to be completely "Anti-scene", something that will annoy and aggravate the purists, but gain the love and appreciation by those sick to death of the same mk4's on Rotiform's and 3sdm's that plague the VW scene today.

"The car's a one off and is in no way a show pony,...just a daily car I've built for my own enjoyment."

Song: Baauer - Good 2 U

Watercooled Society does NOT own the rights to this song.

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