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This is a little test film with SLR Magic's final version Anamorphot 1.33x lens adapter, including their newly produced MC achromatic diopters (+0.33 and +1.33).

Filmed at various abandoned locations in southern China.

Shot on Nikon D600 with Zeiss 50mm f1.4 taking lens.

Personal notes:
This was shot entirely run and gun - no tripod, EVF or other accessories. So forgive me for any focus mishaps.
Having said that I am getting more used to the various distances that need to be taken into consideration, as the lens has a 'near' and 'normal' mode.
All the close up shots (except where I mention stacking) were with the +1.33 diopter. I never used the +0.33 by itself. There is no vignetting when using a single diopter.
The lens' flares were much better than the previous version, and I think blue flaring was a good, safe choice.
The diopters are stackable but would cause vignette on 50mm on full frame - as highlighted in the video.
It brings the closest possible focusing distance to approximately 0.5 meters.
Strong, direct light sources seem to cause some sort of vignetting, but this may be due to me using the 50mm on a full frame. I've yet try other focal lengths or camera systems.
Aperture at f2.8 was ideal for sharpness.
Regarding oval bokeh - I guess I saw some when I used diopters? I honestly can't tell. Was nice to play with deep, shallow depth of field.
Click here to view my first ever user test of the version 2 lens: vimeo.com/edwinlee/relief

Song: 'Dark Side' by Rob Dougan.

Thanks to Andrew from SLR Magic.

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