Jericha Mae ft. Guitarist Bryant Sutanto
Produced by Al Dupont & My Le
Sound Edits by JDefeats


Darling sugar honey stop acting like a fool
Don't be shy I know you feel me too
Come on you can tell me what's bothering you
Darling sugar honey I've been sitting here
Tracing all the lines that aren't no aren't connecting

Darling sugar honey why don't we make our mind up
We've been riding on a merry go round
Oh the plans we made don't let them go to waste
Darling sugar honey remember why we fell so hard
The shivers we felt holding hands
How our gaze whispered deep secrets

Ooooh Ooooh Oooooh

You say there's so much more than what we feel for a time
We first need to assess the situation
We're just a bit confused and a little bit bruised
But this is a battle we can't no we can't lose
You promise me

Darling sugar honey don't worry you can count on me
If I do get lost I'll listen to our song
And I'll always find my way back to you oooh

Darling sugar honey I'll hold you close
When I forget your name forgive me
Coz we'll grow old together you'll see my darling sugar honey
Hmmmm Hmmmm Hmmmm

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