Combining a three week acclimatisation trek to Gorak Shep (5184m) and a final 26.2 mile Marathon across the Himalayas is the challenge many set out to achieve.

The course throws up steep inclines and treacherous declines, all whilst running in conditions with low levels of oxygen due to the altitude. Altitude sickness is the ultimate obstacle for many a runner. Whilst over night, temperatures can drop to lows of -20C and runners experience highs of +30C during the day. If this wasn't enough, runners can expect to cross icy/rocky terrain, rivers and glaciers. All the while dodging the renowned yaks of Nepal, responsible for transporting grain and other necessities to remote communities. If you come face-to-face with a yak on a narrow alpine pass, there is no right of way.

Regardless of these obstacles, here is Charlie's adventure to Nepal, completing a respectable 20 of the 26.2 miles, in support of the charities Women's Aid and the Nepalese based Everest Marathon Fund.
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Shot on Nikon D3200, 35mm lens, and GoPro Hero2

Watch Charlie's Brecon Beacons training here:

And the Behind the Scenes (Brecon Beacons):

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Music (CC)
Intro: Music For Quietness by Prem Rana 'Autari'

Overwerk - Conquer

Flickr (CC) Gunther Hagleitner and Sam Hawley

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