Bismillahir Rahmaanir Rahiim,
MSN USA 1991-08-28 Wednesday - This series is a day-to-day Chronicle of Mawlana's 1991 USA West Coast Visit.
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Today, after lunch at a mureed's house in San Francisco, we travel through San Francisco to Golden Gate Park, and visit the Steinhart Aquarium, the Morrison Planetarium and the California Academy of Sciences.
After prayers, we travel across the Golden Gate Bridge to San Rafael in Marin County, where Mawlana gives a suhbat entitled 'WE ARE NOTHING' in the house of a mureeda.
We are all treated to a wonderful meal, and afterwards, Mawlana leads Dhikr-Allah.

So, Bism'illah, come with us on this extraordinary journey. Join our mystic caravan!

00:00:00 Setting out
00:01:15 Driving through San Francisco
00:04:00 Steinhart Aquarium / Morrison Planetarium
00:16:14 California Academy of Sciences
00:19:30 Praying outside
00:21:29 Driving to San Rafael across the Golden Gate Bridge
00:23:55 Suhbat - 'WE ARE NOTHING'
00:52:54 Dining
00:58:17 Dhikr-Allah
01:00:20 Preparing to leave

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