This was my first major project as FXTD with The Mill. A series of in-game cinematics for the up coming Call of Duty: Ghosts.

I did the fluid effects in this shot, from RND to final simulation and meshing in less than 3 weeks. This shot was very complex for many reasons, it was the only single-shot cinematic in the project, 1000 frames and the simulation itself wasn't an easy task. The fluid should aggressively emit forward but at the same time building back a bridge/pipe/column and slowly evolve. Finally as you can see the fluid is the key element in this shot so it's visible in almost every frame and at the same time the camera as travels around does not leave much space for cheating.

I had to build a custom FLIP solver for this effect which talking in count the age, velocity, distance and few other variables.

VFX Company: The Mill
Creative Director: Eugene Gauran
VFX Producer: Jarrad Vladich
Lead Compositor: Hugo Guerra
3D Lead Artist: Mike Chapman
FX TD: Christos Parliaros

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