I come up with ideas all the time but transferring them into a constructive script or storyboard is another thing. I made a short film a few years ago about masks and identity and I wanted to 'upgrade' the story and context of that with a new film. (It is also a film idea for a feature length film)

On this particular day I had two (friends) actors that had planned to come around and shoot something with me.

Pressure upon me, I sat down and just started writing my rehashed idea about wearing masks and searching for identity.

Fifteen mins later they rocked up, I showed them my roughly drawn script and we shot it and voiced it in about hour.

A few hours of editing and the above is the result, to which I call, 'forced creativity'.

Stef being an amazing photographer also brought her 5D along with a prime lens. She let me use her camera and lens for this shoot which was a real nice surprise and experience. Thanks Stef!

All of my life I have been looking for something, and everywhere I turn someone try’s to tells me what it was.
I was looking for myself and asking everyone except myself questions, which I and only I could answer.
My thoughts were someone else's opinions; my clothes were someone else's emotions.
We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others, that in the end we become strangers to ourselves.
I was born an original. I will die not a copy!

Music by soundcloud.com/shadjessen/winter-into-spring-ii

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