On 21/11/13 The Bar Hill Parish Council decided that they wanted to demolish Bar Hill Skate Park without consulting anyone in the village first. This film covers the reaction to that & the events following it.

I originally shot the film on 30th November 2013, and finished the edit early in the morning of 1st December 2013. This version of the film was updated with that happened after that, and finished in 5th January 2014. New new part of the film is from 06:25 onwards.

The original version of the film uploaded on 1st December can be found here: youtu.be/bYP6kKd1h0Q

FB group: facebook.com/events/450604128378131/

This story made the Cambridge News 6th December 2013: cambridge-news.co.uk/News/Skaters-and-parents-furious-after-parish-council-vote-to-demolish-Bar-Hill-Skate-Park-20131205060009.htm

This story made the news again on 3rd January 2014: cambridge-news.co.uk/News/PICTURES-Bar-Hill-Skate-Park-in-tatters-after-digger-demolishes-ramps-20140103070006.htm

ITV covered the story on 5th January 2014:

ITV covered this story on 16th January 2014:


We're going to the Bar Hill Parish Council meeting to ask why this happened.

Today two builders (hired by the council) used a digger to remove panels from the skatepark, in doing so they have completely wrecked the park. They have ruined even the ramps that were perfectly usable. The users & supporters are absolutely fuming at this shocking news. The park has basically been half demolished, despite the council saying they WOULD NOT do this in the near future.

The council informed us that the Skate Park will not be demolished in the near future. Some parts of the park will be made unusable, but the rest will still be able to used by skaters & BMXers. The council are now listening to the users & supporters of the skatepark, and are working with The Footprints committee to make sure there is a future for the park. Huge thanks for the support!

Bar Hill Skate Park has been around for over 10 years. Now the Parish Council has decided to knock it down. This film covers the response to that, the history of the park, and what we want to happen next.

Care about the skate park? You can do the following:

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