I wrote this poem after having a night in the pub with a few friends. We were together to say goodbye to another friend, however we ended up spending most of the night dealing with this dude who was determined to convince us all that we had we were all living sinful lives and had to change ourselves radically or suffer eternal torment in hell. He also wouldn't listen to anyone else was saying, ever.

Over the next few days I realised that what bothered me about it wasn't his beliefs at all but his attitude towards people who think differently. So I wrote a poem about it. Enjoy!

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Words are below:

I don't get annoyed enough.
I go about my day and stuff
happens and I try and take the rough
with the smooth
but sometimes I want to make a move
and do something.

Like the people I meet,
on the street or in the pub
who often rub me up the wrong way
when they express their opinions
but basically say:

"I'm right and you're wrong;
you better thing about that
before you start waving your tongue
at me!
We'll get on merrily if we just agree
that I've got all the answers"

This people annoy me, 'cos
chances are they haven't got any proof
but their often far from aloof
when they're laying down their truth monopoly:
I usually have to walk away
before they get on top of me.

One day though, I'd love to be able
to 'em get down at a table
and explain a few things.
I won't, I fear
but i'd hope it might bring
some new ideas
for them to think about.
I'd be nice about it, I wouldn't shout.
I'd say:

"Hey. Fact is,
we're stuck on a massive ball of rock,
we're spinning on our axis
and we're going 'round a massive ball of gas
which is hot.

There a billions of other rocks following the same tradition,
but ours is one of the very few massive ones and there's
seven more in addition
(and there used to be eight but they changed the definition).

Now there are billions of other balls of gas
across a space ridiculously vast
and they're all swirling, swirling
around a tiny little black thing
which by the way is sucking us in
and we don't what'll happen then because no-one's ever been.
There's billions of other black things too, with similar stuff around them
but they're ridiculously far away, further now than when we found them."

(So this guy's just there
sitting on a chair
and i'm getting on with my story.)

"As a kid a lot of toys used to bore me
but I loved lego blocks.
I had a massive box of them,
you could make anything, it was swell.
I got older and realised
the real world is like that as well,
except the blocks are so small
that you just can't tell.

For a while
they thought these blocks
were the smallest things around
but then they smashed one open
and found all kinds of weird stuff inside
like things which act as though
which way they're gonna go
they can't decide.

It gets pretty weird they say
when you deal with things
smaller than the gaps
between light waves.
Like things
that need to be turned
seven-hundred and twenty degrees
to be how they were originally.
Might not make sense to you and me
but it's true apparently.

There's also the idea
that the universe
could just get smaller and smaller, forever.
It's very clever
that it's all just infinitely divisible.
Oh, and they reckon that over
eighty percent of everything in the universe is invisible.
And that it might be shaped in a similar way to the earth,
in that if you in a straight line for long enough,
you'll just end up where you were."

So this guy's listening,
probably feeling like he's going insane
until hopefully something clicks in his brain
and he taps into my main point. And he's like:

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